Please tell give us a brief introduction of yourself. 

My name is Maria. I live in Saitama now. I arrived in Japan three years ago. Here I started working as a model and actress, so I thought I might as well improve my skills if I do that. I’m also working as an english teacher.

What are some of your hobbies?

I like dancing. I like sewing, I also make clothes. I did yoga for a while, and diving as well.

What inspired you to become an actor?

Actually, I used to work in an office for a couple of years, so I figured that is very boring and I want something to just express myself. I like art in all forms. I think I can be good at it, although I have a long way to go.

How do you feel the Hollywood Debut Project have improved your acting skills?

Well definitely, I’ve become familiar with the techniques. So now I know how to use my emotions as a tool to make a good role – to be good at what I do. But, of course, I need improve at what I do – so it’s just the beginning. I never knew, this is a huge discovery to me, that these skills existed at all. I never knew there was an objective, or that these things are really useful for the actor.

Who is your favorite actor and why?

My favorite actor is Dustin Hoffman because he’s very versatile. That’s very hard for an actor to achieve, because it’s very easy to pigeon-hole somebody into one role in every movie. He’s definitely not that kind of actor, which is why I like him. And he’s very, very convincing.

What is your dream movie role?

A spy! I saw a really funny movie – it was Spanish, I think – about a woman seamstress during the second World War, and she became a spy. She lived in Spain. It was really good. She was sending information in the form of dots, morse code. That’s my dream role.

What’s the best thing you took out of HDP?

What I really like about HDP is that they care about every detail. You’re putting emotion into every sentence, into everything you do. It’s very detailed, it’s very deep, it’s very… It makes you become a very convincing actor, if you do it properly. There’s a purpose and objective in everything you say and do. And also, the actions you do – they’re very important for the acting, too. It’s not just about if you light the cigarette, or take a sip of coffee, but it’s also where you are, and you have to imagine the place where you are. That’s also very important. I learned a lot in just three weeks.

Who would you recommend this to? 

My friends who are acting in dramas and are taking auditions, because if you have this technique, it’s much easier to get the role. So, definitely gaijin in Japan, but also Japanese people. Everyone who wants to be an actor.

Would you join the project again?