Please tell give us a brief introduction of yourself. 

Hi. I’m Akihiro Sekiguchi, but please call me Aki. I’m actually 36 years old, but many people think I’m 25 or something. I’ve been doing acting work for over 16 or 17 years. I’ve acted in many plays, movies, and TV programs. I went to New York to study acting. I learned the imagine technique, which is one of the acting techniques. Now, I’m mainly appearing in movie and screen play. I prefer performing on screen, rather than in a play or theatre. That’s why I choose screen acting work.

What are some of your hobbies?

Reading books and watching movies. I used to have many hobbies, especially when I was a college student, when I had the time. I used to like to snowboard, and traveling. These days, sometimes I cook by myself.

What inspired you to become an actor?

Actually, being the role is very interactive for me. Especially when I act, and I feel what it’s like to be that kind of role, I feel like it’s a kind of one of my pleasures. I feel like I’m really glad I chose this kind of job.

How do you feel the Hollywood Debut Project have improved your acting skills?

In the beginning, when I took this workshop, I felt like I just pretended when acting. I had a confidence, but I felt something was missing in my skill. Sometimes, when I acted, I felt like I just exaggerated my actions and exaggerated my emotions. That’s why I had to take this workshop. After I took the workshop, I came to be more natural and relaxed. It makes me comfortable when I play a role.

Who is your favorite actor and why?

Not one person… for American actors, my favorite actor is Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington is an African American. He succeeded at being an actor. Mainly in the United States, white people get the good roles, especially in dramas. Other races just play comedic roles or funny characters. But after he succeeded, other races appeared in main roles too. That’s why I like him. When I saw his movies, I admired him. I want to express that kind of emotion.

As for Japanese Actors, Hiroyuki Sanada and Hiroshi Mikami. They are my favorite.

What is your dream movie role?

I want to appear in a mainstream movie as a main role character. Then, people will know me as an actor. That’s my dream. I haven’t thought about a specific role. I really want to play, how do I say… a person who is greedy, or doesn’t have the means, or he has mental problems. Psycho is okay. I want to play someone different than a normal person.

What’s the best thing you took out of HDP?

It’s good for me. This workshop makes me comfortable, and gives me confidence as an actor. The workshop tells me that the preparation is very important for playing the role.

Second of all, I could play with native english speakers. After I came back to Japan, I haven’t done scene work in English. Just two times, I think. I didn’t have any opportunities. It’s good for me because when I take auditions, I always tell the interviewer that I’m good at speaking English, because it’s one of my good traits. With this workshop, I can maintain my english skill.

Sometimes, I get nervous, and also don’t have confidence to be an actor – because acting’s very hard work. But when I succeed, and get new opportunities, it makes me feel good and it pleases me.

Who would you recommend this to? 

I really recommend my friends who are actors, who haven’t taken any acting techniques. Because in Japan, many actors don’t know how to learn acting, and they don’t know what kind of acting techniques exist. I really want them to see different things. And also, I want them to learn these kind of techniques and improve.

Would you join the project again?

Yes, I hope so!