MIDORI, a divorce lawyer who fell $100,000 in debt feeding her host clubbing addiction, received news that KENNIF, surfer, entrepreneur and Midori’s adoptive father, passed away. After club hopping all night Midori takes a trip to her family’s guest house by the beach. There TOUJO, an estate lawyer, Japanese idol fanatic and recently divorced from one of Midori’s clients reads Kennif’s last will and testament. Midori is to earn an approval rating of at least 3.5 out of 5 by providing hospitality to a prepared list of guests. Should she fail to do so she loses Midori House and $1,000,000 in cash. Toujo who has it in for Midori is assigned to stay and observe. Midori, confident, believing that money can solve anything has successfully helped her clients win divorce settlements. But, as her extraordinary guests come under one roof, her life is thrown upside down. She must help a mother earn her son’s forgiveness for abandoning him. Bring peace to an estranged family of 5 who are constantly at odds with each other. Guide her orphan brethren, who doubt their status in Japan’s homogenous society, to come to terms with who they are. And give courage to BOXMAN, introverted innocent and Midori’s love interest, to take off his boxes and rejoin society. Through these trials and tribulations Midori is unraveled revealing her painful past as an orphan. The past she hoped to have removed from her memory. She learns to overcome it and learns the valuable lessons of life, love and family Kennif wished to instill in her.


At N.A.P. Films, we believe that a diverse cast, universal story lines and heart moving performances are some of the key fundamentals that audiences demand for a memorable movie going experience. Even though Japan has a large pool of talented actors, directors and producers are unable to produce such films let alone, compete with Hollywood blockbusters. Local and international opinion is that Japanese cinema is in a decline. One of the major reasons is because of what we term the “Talent Agency System” This is similar to the Hollywood Studio System during the Golden Age of Hollywood. The Talent Agency System is a small group of talent agencies that dominate the entertainment industry through ownership or effective control of producers, distributors and exhibitors. Our solution is to partner up with Japanese and foreign professionals to independently produce in Tokyo “Hollywood movies with a Japanese heart.”

N.A.P. Films, is primarily a motion picture development company but our services also include:





Erick Ferman is currently CEO of N.A.P. Films (N.A.P., LLC). N.A.P. has been a steady supplier of professional Hollywood workshops since 2008 and is currently underway with the company’s first feature. To date, Ferman has over 20 years of combined experience in Hollywood and Tokyo. He has professional experience as an actor, editor and studio manager.

As an actor his most recent credits in LA include Pancho Villa (History Channel) (2006), The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Fantastical Cinema) (2006), Equals (Scott Free Productions) (2015) just to name a few. The most recent in Tokyo include Z Island (dTV) (2015), HERO (Toho Studios) (2015), Chin’yuuki (Toei Studios) (2016).

Ferman continued accruing his experience in production as an editor for Bollywood and other independent film productions. After completing Rising Shores (2007) for Bollywood he went on to edit Investigating Love (2007) and Ghostly Revenge (2007), on which Ferman was a segment director.  Before coming to Japan he served as a Studio Manager for La Brea Studios in Los Angeles, California. Aside from the normal managerial duties, he was in charge of contract negotiations with companies like AOL, Disney, MTV, Cartoon Network, New Line Cinema, etc.




Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Satomi learned dancing, singing, acting and has theater experience from a young age. She attended the Takarazuka-kita High School. There, not only did she specialize in acting, but also traditional arts and theatre production. When she graduated she moved to Tokyo where while attending the No Acting Please Workshop, she appeared in various commercials and movies. She has co-starred in two projects directed by Erick Ferman.

In 2015 she partnered with Mr. Ferman to launch a series of Hollywood acting workshops directed towards the Japanese community. She currently works to produce films and help nurture budding actors. In October of the same year she co-founded N.A.P. Films with Erick Ferman. From August of 2016, she became the producer of the company’s “Hollywood Debut Project”, a project aiming to give global exposure to Japanese actors. “MIDORI HOUSE” is the first feature project she will both produce and star in. As an actor and producer she is aimed towards international productions.

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